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9 Ways You Can Use Text to Speech Technology for Marketing Videos

Marketing your company is difficult these days with so many platforms to choose from. Do you have a website? Do you post on social media? It's not always easy to reach the audience in the way you want.

Introduction to text to speech technology

This technology converts text into speech. You can then use the generated speech for marketing videos, games, or even personalized messages. There are many advantages to using this technology for your marketing efforts. The voice can be customized in order to reach more of your audience. It is also more likely to grab people's attention because it makes the content more engaging.

Benefits of using text to speech for marketing videos

There are several benefits of using text-to-speech for marketing videos. It will help you save time and money, allow you to reach new markets, and make it easier for viewers to understand what your business does if they can't read the subtitles on videos. When you use this method of marketing, you are able to reach a wider audience.

How to use text to speech technology on your marketing videos

Text to speech video maker is a powerful tool you can utilize on your marketing videos to get your point across. It's fast, cheap, and very easy to use. If you really want to see an increase in sales and profitability, you should seriously consider including this technology in your overall marketing plan. The use of Text To Speech in videos is mainly for the purpose of automating the creation of content - performing actions based on certain criteria without human voice recording intervention.

Low cost of using text to speech technology

Text to speech technology is a low-cost and powerful resource that’s available to all. If you want to seriously increase your profitability, you should include this technology as part of your marketing plan. Our Ai Voice overs will help you connect more deeply with your customers, increase your sales and boost your reputation.

Ai Voice overs vs Real human voice overs

Text-to-speech technology, also known as TTS, makes it possible for small business owners to do voiceovers for their videos without hiring real human voice actors. There are two main types of voices overs: AI voice overs and real human voice overs. The first one is created through an artificial intelligence program(like texttospeechvideomaker.com) that makes it possible for the computer speech generator to speak with a synthesized voice (it sounds close to a real person). Using this technology will save you a great amount of time and money. The second one is produced by humans using a microphone and recording software, the cost is high and delivery time much longer.


Text to speech technology improved over the years. It's gotten to the point that it's become very difficult to tell the difference between a real voice-over actor and AI voices. AI probably will fully take over the voiceover industry from human actors within the next decade. If you're interested in trialling this powerful technology, go to our website at www.texttospeechvideomaker.com and open a free account.