Refund Terms & Conditions


All full and partial refunds must be requested within 14 days of the purchase date. When you register to our text to speech online service, a trial with a set amount of characters will be automatically assigned to your account.

Please take your time to test our online service before buying.

Cancelling your subscription will not automatically initiate a refund, which is done manually by request only. You can request a full refund(or partial refund) for up to 14 days after the subscription.

A full refund will only be accepted if you have not used any of the purchased characters. If you have already started to use some of your purchased characters, we will issue a partial refund by calculating your cost as follow:

(([membership price] / [Number of characters in the subscription] ) * [number of characters you have used]) - [membership price] = Partial refund.


-Your subscription is 9.99 Euro.

-The subscription total amount of characters is 100 000 characters.

-The number of characters you have used is 10 000.

The partial refund math will be calculated as follows:

(( 20 / 50 000 ) * 10 000) - 20 = 16

Why do we charge you for the number of used characters?

Simply because our API is charged by our provider when you initiate a character to audio conversion.

We are charged at the same time than you are.

This is the reason we give you a FREE trial(at our own cost) to test our entire platform before buying. ‚Äč