Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I cancel my membership?

-When you pay for a membership, you can use all the purchased characters for the entire length of the purchased membership.
Example: If you purchase a membership on the 5th of January and it runs out on the 5th of February.
You will be able to use all your characters between those dates. On the 5th of February at midnight(GMT+1), your characters will be reset to Zero. If instead, you purchase a membership on the 5th of January and cancel the renewal on the 6th of January but have already paid for an entire month, you will be able to use all your characters until the 5th of February till midnight(GMT+1).

Do you have discounts?

-Register to our newsletter to gain the possibility to receive discounts.
From time to time we send limited amounts of coupons to all our subscribers.

Will you get new voices in the future

-Yes! Our software is constantly updated with new voices, languages and accents.

Do you offer a refund if I do not like your product?

-Yes we do, but please read our refund terms and conditions before buying: https://www.texttospeechvideomaker.com/refundterms

In Which format does your Text To Speech software export the sound files?

-We currently support .wav format due to its top sound quality. You can always convert your wav files to MP3 with free tools like Audacity if needed.

Can I use the voices on my commercial projects?

-Absolutely, you can generate your text into sound and then attach them to your videos, games etc at no extra cost.

Can I use the generated voices on my Youtube videos?

-Please read the Terms and Conditions of Youtube Inc. But in general, yes you can use Text To Speech Service on this video platform.

How much do you pay your affiliates?

-We currently offer a 25% commission per sale to all our affiliate.

How can I join your affiliate?

-Open a free account on our website and look to your left(desktop view) for a link called "Affiliate". Click on it and follow all the instructions.

When will Paddle.com pay me my affiliate earnings?

-On the 1st of each month, Paddle.com converts your balance into a payout ready to be transferred, at this moment you will see your payout as ‘Pending’. Your pending payout will be transferred to you by the 15th of that month, at which point your payout will be listed as ‘Completed’.

Are you looking for influencers to promote your product?

-If you are a social media influencer, please contact us, we will offer you thousands of FREE characters to trial and review our software. You must have at least 10 000 subscribers to be eligible.

How can I contact you?

-You can use our live chat(during working hours) or our contact form.