Text To Sound Converter
The Hidden Tool Of Video Marketers

-Generate professional voices for your online videos just by typing some text.

-Convert all your Text to Wav Format and export the narrations to your video or sound editing software.

-Marketers, Teachers and Video producers from all around the world use our tool to convert their text into sound for their videos, games, courses and even audio books!

-Are you tired of recording your voice with all sorts of noises in your background?

-hiding your native accent has never been so easy!

Voice Over Generator, Videos, Images & Music Stock Included!

All In One Solution!

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Text To Speech Video Maker is a modern tool created to help you generate
human-like voices for your commercial and non-commercial projects.

It converts any written text into spoken words.Our Software is used by video
marketers(ie: people reviewing amazon or eBay products),
teachers(online courses), writers (eBook to audio conversion), students(presentations)
and video game developers.

Supported Languages & Voices!

Incredible collection of some of the best AI voices on the market!

Trial $0 500 Characters Try any voices Export File to .wav not allowed Video, Image & Music Stock Blocked Sign up

Starter Plans

$5.00 20 000 Characters Use Any Voices Export Generated Voices to .Wav Access Video, Image & Music Stock Sign up

Pro Plans

$9.00 50 000 Characters Use Any Voices Export Generated Voices to .Wav Access Video, Image & Music Stock Sign up

What is included in your subscription?

-Powerful Voice Over Ai Engine

-Video Stock Library

-Image Stock Library

-Over 150 Royalty Free Music
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Can you relate to any of the following?

-I don’t have the right equipment and a soundproof studio to create a professional-sounding voice-overs.

-I don’t like my accent!

-I cringe at the sound of my voice!

-I’m not good at reading scripts!

-I’m a man, and I would prefer to have the voice of a woman to read my script...

-I think my voice does not sound engaging at all, and it is not good at marketing my product.

-Recording voice overs may take a lot of time. I want it to be quick and easy.

-I don’t have a professional sounding voice :-(

Top Features

The Technology

Text To Speech Video Maker is powered by one of the most advanced text into sound speech synthesis convertor on the market.
Our Software is used by video marketers, teachers, writers, students and video game developers.

Pitch adjustment

Easy to use pitch adjustment controls. Adjust the pitch from super low to super high for cartoon-like kind of voices.

Speech rate

The speaking rate plays an important role. Lower speed for story lines and a faster rate for creating news feel.

Pauses & Advanced tools

There are times where a simple dot is not enough. We allow you to customize the length of time a single pause should last.
For advanced users, we have added powerful functions where the synthesis reads your text according to spelling, dates, numbers, ordinal numbers and time.
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