A Recommended Affiliate Product To Promote WorldWide Right Now.

To make money online and from home can be difficult. Affiliate marketing can bring a great source of income but requires a few tips to get you started.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to resell a Voice Over Maker Technology, it is easy to promote and has a huge potential.

1 – You will need to think outside the box and write down a list of niches which you may attract. ie: Teachers(courses), Writers(Audiobooks), Game reviewers(Videos), Game developers, people who have foreign accents but want to sell to the UK or US market, people who have a noisy property and cannot record their voice and finally, people on a low budget who usually struggle to pay for voice-overs.

As you can see, the market for this kind of service is huge.

2 – Now that you have multiple market niches, you need to register a free account here:


When registered, look in the navbar for an “Affiliate” link, follow the instructions. You will need to register with the Gateway and affiliate provider called “Paddle”. This company will be in charge of paying you between the 1st and 15th of each month.

3 – By now, you should be registered with www.TextoToSpeechVideoMaker.com and Paddle as an affiliate and have your promotional link ready. Keep this link safe and start writing blog posts on well known social media platforms. Between the lines, add your link but do not make it too obvious or people will simply leave your page.

4 – Each time a client clicks on your link and buys a package from the website, Paddle pays you a 25% commission. That’s right, you have heard it well! Imagine if you keep selling 3 or 4 packages daily, money can accumulate quickly in your account.

5 – Other people prefer to create videos on Youtube, Daily Motion, share stories on Instagram or Facebook, the choice is yours. The video group has 2 categories.
-People recording their voices.
-People using our Text to Speech to generate human voices.

Using this powerful text to speech will increase the speed of your workflow, but again, the choice is yours. You can sell it only or sell it and it use yourself!

Enjoy making money online!

How Clever Marketers can now produce their video content faster than ever – Keep this secret!

What are the main 3 problems video content creators face?

1)They struggle recording their audio.

2)They cannot figure out how to use a video editor.

3)They cannot find good video stock content to include in their sales pitch, or if they find it….it is too expensive!



With this technology, you can now send your text to a writer who can proofread your entire sales pitch. Or, if you are a native speaker, you can type your own text!

Listen to the voices in the 2 videos below, absolutely amazing no? Look at that sales pitch! Madness!


What about the Video editing part? Which video software should you use?

To produce the same type of content you are watching above, we used this software:


Where to get your Video shots from? Simply! Download all your video stock from here for a very low monthly price:


Now you know the top secrets of some of the best and most efficient marketers, you can produce your video content faster than ever without the need to film a single shot! Just the video stock + the above simple video editing software + the powerful voice over maker!


Stay tune for more!