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If you’re a writer or a self-published author, Have you ever considered the possibility of turning your book into an audiobook?

But let us be honest here, making an audiobook is not that easy. It takes a lot of effort to produce a professional-quality audiobook. Nonetheless, If you are good at computers, have a great voice, have the proper equipment (like a microphone), then producing your audiobook will be easy and could save you thousands of dollars.

But why should you consider this? Is it worth the effort and costs involved?
Producing your audiobook is mirrored around the world. Audio is a rapidly growing segment in the digital publishing industry. Writers and Authors who don’t consider audiobooks as part of their publishing path might be missing out on a lot of listeners, readers, and some money and opportunities too! In fact, some publishers state that the profit of their digital units is largely due to audiobooks. The main reason is that listening to audiobooks is more convenient than reading. With this, you can listen to it everywhere you go, or while doing anything. There are a lot of people who hate reading, but love listening. Those non-readers either won’t or can’t take the time to read a book. Maybe they struggle with dyslexia, slow reading or are blind. When you have an audiobook, the amount of potential readers gets bigger and bigger, which is what the publishing industry needs.

Now you come to think about it, convenience and necessity are the reasons why audiobooks are a huge trend in the industry. It’s easy to see why audiobooks are rapidly growing in popularity.

“26% of the US population has listened to an audiobook in the last 12 months” – Michelle Cobb of the Audiobook Publishers Association

Considering this, you’ll possibly expand your reach into the market and you’ll be exposing your books to a whole new range of readers who might never have discovered you otherwise. With audiobooks, you have a greater chance of being discovered off the cuff by new readers, especially if you’re writing in a particular genre or subgenre. So why not tap into that possibility and expand your audience?

The Quality of our Text To Speech Video Maker

Text To Speech is a computer technology that can produce voice from ordinary texts. I know you might think that this kind of computer technology is far from being new, in terms of voice quality. Our Software is powered by one of the most advanced speech synthesis on the market. With our Text To Speech Video Maker, you can create professional voice overs that are so perfect that it is difficult to distinguish from a real human voice. It won’t sound like a computer-generated-quality voice.

Our tool is so easy to use – you will write your text and export your files right away! Our Software can take texts and documents of any size and create high-quality audiobooks of any length. Its newly designed Text To Speech Al engine makes long readings sound natural and easy on the ear.

How can I create my own Audiobook?

As I mentioned earlier, making your professional audiobook requires huge financial resources, whether hiring professional voiceover talents or purchasing the right equipment for you to use at home. Good thing our Text To Speech Video Maker requires only a small amount of effort and money!

Step by step on how to create your Audiobook with our Text To Speech convertor:
1)Select a voice.

We offer more than 30 languages and various accents in Male and Female voices

2)Select a Pitch – Select a low or very high pitch(Cartoon style)

3)Select the speaking rate – Select the speed of the voice over

4)Enter your sentences you want to convert into a Voice Over.

Export to .Wav – Export the generated file in .Wav format and drag it into your video editor and you are good to go!

Promoting your Audiobook

“Your big advantage of having your audiobook is it’ll be easier for others to find you.”

When your audiobook becomes available, Or even before the release date, you can begin marketing your work to your audience. Spread the word and post it on your social media. Promotional strategies could make or break your audiobook’s potential. If you can, you might provide samples of your audiobook that highlight the quality of your work and that makes people want to hear more of it.

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Are you tired of recording your voice with such disturbing noise in your background? Are you looking for a way to hide your native accent when recording for your Audiobooks?

We created our Voice Over Maker for those like you who have these kinds of problems. In fact, Online Marketers all around the world are using our Voice Over Maker software in their online and offline projects. Text To Speech Video Maker is a Voice Over Maker software created to help you convert any text into an audio file in .wav format. With our super software, you can create powerful voiceovers that are so perfect that it is difficult to distinguish them from a real human voice.

If you have a business and would like to target markets around the world, you definitely need our software. As we all know, good voiceovers can help you attract customers to your online videos. Our software offers different international languages for you to choose from, that you can use to promote your videos, website, business. Our voice over maker tool enables you or your business to deliver smart service and to guarantee to enhance the customer experience. is also highly beneficial for university students. We have seen many eLearning providers turn to our software to enunciate their courses.

Our Text To Speech Video Maker is also a time-saving solution when compared to hiring a professional voiceover artist. Our service offers cheap prices but will guarantee you to get the result that you need.

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